Rochling Medical

Office Renovations and Study

Industry: Corporate/Industrial

Services Provided: MEP Engineering

Pathfinder has provided full-service design for multiple projects at Rochling Medical involving product design and mold making, accelerated tooling, strong up-front engineering for medical device manufacturing and renovation of office and engineering areas. Approximately 6,200 sq. ft. of office space, lobby, reception area, conference room and support areas were renovated. Phase 2 of the project renovated the Engineering Office.

Mechanical engineering design provided new AHUs, ductwork and layout. Also provided were new locations for thermostats, diffusers and return air grilles coordinated within the ceiling system and adjacent areas. The exhaust/ventilation system with energy recovery was provided for toilet rooms. Plumbing design provided sanitary, cold water, hot water, vents for new ADA toilet rooms, relocation of the sink and piping in the break area. The existing sprinkler system and pendant head locations were revised in the new office space.  Electrical engineering design included preparation of power, lighting, exit signs, emergency lighting and fire alarm communication plans.