Climate Leadership

Pathfinder’s goal is to transform the built environment through sustainable, high-performance design.

Our Energy Team is essential to this goal by providing iterative processes and comprehensive tools – key among these is energy modeling software – for energy simulation and analysis. In addition to reducing energy usage and evaluating carbon neutral ready designs, our wholistic approach considers how design options affect occupant comfort, maintenance practices and operation costs.

New York State has taken significant steps in establishing goals for publicly-owned buildings – whether it be a SUNY campus, an office building, or healthcare facility. Pathfinder has implemented these goals in hundreds of buildings, reducing the carbon footprint by limiting the use of fossil fuels and taking us closer to Net Zero Carbon in our built environment. Key in this path toward Net Zero Carbon is Executive Order 22 and the NYStretch Energy Code, a statewide model code developed by NYSERDA to help agencies and jurisdictions meet their energy and climate goals.

As a Primary Energy Consultant for NYSERDA, Pathfinder can provide:

  • FlexTech
  • Commercial New Construction Program
  • Net Zero Portfolio
  • Clean Heating and Cooling.

Pathfinder’s integrated design process helps you get there by evaluating different system approaches, including high-performance all-electric mechanical systems, envelope improvements, and lighting upgrades.