M/E/P/FP Engineering

At Pathfinder, our engineers work on every major building type providing mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire-protection engineering. We combine innovative approaches with traditional systems to create buildings that are sustainable, resilient and energy efficient. Whether you’re looking to work with an engineer to assist with HVAC system planning, plumbing installation, or to provide a building automation solution to optimize and simplify operations, our team combines best practices and forward thinking to prepare your buildings for the future. Our team is results driven, providing designs that operate properly, save energy and improve occupant health and comfort.

The firm optimizes energy efficiency while minimizing impact on the natural environment. Today and looking forward, building electrification and net zero energy are pathways to achieving our goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption.

Transforming the built environment, one building at a time.


Key to our design is the goal of high performance in our projects. Pathfinder continues to be at the forefront in transforming the way buildings are designed, balancing environmental soundness with social and economic considerations.