SUNY ESF Greenhouse


Industry: Higher Education

Services Provided: MEP Engineering

Engineering Excellence, ACEC-NY: Silver

Pathfinder provided mechanical and electrical engineering for the renovation of greenhouses and replacement of the 5th floor heating system at Illick Hall. The greenhouse area totals 7,145 sq. ft. The design includes 600 sq. ft. of photovoltaic glass in each of the two greenhouses with 10% transparent glass and 2.5 kW of solar electric system capacity per each of the two greenhouses. The project features a 844 sq. ft. R&D containment greenhouse that meets USDA, APHIS Containment Guidelines for Non-Indigenous, Phytophagous Arthropods and their Parasitoids and Predators. Methods implemented to meet these guidelines include containment HEPA filtration on ventilation/exhaust systems and sterilization of effluent from sinks, floor drains and condensate drains.