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SUNY ESF Marshall Hall

Pathfinder is providing mechanical, plumbing, fire protection, and electrical engineering, and energy modeling for the total renovation of this historic, 90,000 sq. ft. building. Marshall Hall was built in 1933, and has not undergone significant renovation in over 40 years. This project is being designed with a Deep Energy Savings Retrofit target of 50% energy reduction relative to the building’s existing consumption, and the goal of  LEED Gold certification.

The campus wants to install a high efficiency boiler plant with four 2000 MBH condensing boilers. Additionally, the perimeter steam radiators, gravity unit ventilators, fan coil unites, and all steam and condensate piping will be replaced with individually-space controlled Hydronic Heating System.

Cooling in the existing building is limited to specific spaces requiring cooling such as the computer class rooms, and the kitchen. Ductless split systems have been installed on the 4th floor to address the high cooling demands of those spaces. This project will provide cooling to all spaces via a new heat pump loop, and ventilation will be provided via demand controlled energy recovery ventilator units. Occupancy sensors will tailor ventilation airflow rates to each space.

Deign will replace all existing electrical components in the building and provide a new power distribution system. A new electrical room will house two new 4160V feeders to new electrical room, a 15kV gas insulated selector switch, a 1000kVA 4160V-480/277V dry type transformer, a 2000A, 480V main switchboard, and replace branch circuit panelboards and feeders. A 100A, 408/277V-3Phase-4Wire diesel emergency generator will be provided to serve the life safety loads in the building.

All lighting will be replaced with energy efficient lighting utilizing LED technologies. Historical light fixtures in the main lobby and spiral stairwell will be refurbished and relamped to be more energy efficient.

New telecommunication systems will be provided throughout the building. Additionally, a new fully-addressable fire alarm system will be provided. Card access and security systems will be upgraded.

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