Building commissioning – shortened to Cx – is a quality initiative which demonstrates and verifies that building systems perform as designed, as intended by the owner and project engineers / architects for new construction.  In existing facilities, the process is known as retro-commissioning. Systems that operate properly save energy and improve occupant health and comfort.

To date, Pathfinder has commissioned more than 31 projects, with 14 of these achieving LEED certification (various levels)

The projects have totalled nearly $500 million in construction value and more than 2 million square feet

We pride ourselves in providing quality, customized commissioning services by a dedicated team of experienced professionals who coordinate and complete the commissioning process. Ideally, commissioning begins with project initiation and ends one year after occupancy, though we can provide commissioning services at any phase. All building systems can be commissioned, with mechanical, plumbing, electrical, fire protection, and life safety systems among the most important.

When done properly, Cx increases system energy performance and reliability, improves indoor air quality, and improves operations and maintenance.

Most important to this process is collaboration between the owner, engineer/architect, contractor and Commissioning Authority – beginning with the development of a scope and plan to achieve Owner Project Requirements. We have developed a series of checklists and verification procedures that help identify issues and concerns, track their resolution and provide owners with working buildings.