Rochling Medical

Cleanroom Expansion

Pathfinder has provided full-service design for multiple projects at Rochling Medical involving product design and mold making, accelerated tooling, strong up-front engineering for medical device manufacturing and the expansion of an existing class 100,000 clean-space.  An adjacent area of approximately ± 2,150 sq. ft. serves as the cleanroom addition for horizontal injection molding machines.

The cleanroom classification temperature and humidity requirements are maintained in the addition. The new cleanroom is certified as ISO 8 (class 100,000).

The existing space conditioning, consisting of a rooftop unit ducted to HEPA diffusers in the ceiling, delivered the conditioned air to the cleanroom. Low wall returns served as the path back to the unit. Pathfinder’s design used a cleanroom ceiling grid and return air plenum. This included a 20-ton rooftop unit ducted and distributed across the plenum to fan powered HEPA filter units. A cleanroom suspended ceiling at 16’ AFF with perimeter walls to deck and low wall returns serve as the path back to the unit.

Design criteria:

  • Class ISO 8, 100,000 at 20 air changes per hour
  • RH: 50-55%
  • Temperature (for occupant comfort only): 68°F.
  • Lighting: 80 ft-candles