Frederick Douglass Greater Rochester International Airport

Restroom Renovations

Industry: State/Municipal

Services Provided: Architecture

Pathfinder provided architectural design services to Monroe County for renovations to the public restroom facilities throughout the airport. The project began in 2015 with the design and construction of the lower level restroom modules in Phase 1 and continued in 2017 with Phase 2, completing two additional restroom modules on the upper/departure level.

Each restroom module consists of men’s and women’s rooms, a family restroom, a nursing mother’s room and utility spaces. Construction on the final phase of work, Phase 3, began in Spring 2020 and consisted of renovations to the two largest modules of restrooms on the concourse wings. Temporary restrooms were built to accommodate travelers while the new spaces were under construction.

The project scope included a complete gut renovation of the existing restrooms including walls, ceilings and terrazzo flooring. Updated finishes were reviewed with the client to select materials and colors that are durable, low maintenance and stylish for many years. Ceramic tile walls and floors, quartz countertops, solid surface wall protection and graffiti resistant toilet stalls are some of the features that were incorporated. Sensitivity to the transition to existing finishes within the concourse was also an important consideration.

Pathfinder reviewed toilet accessories and provided the Owner with samples to test. Signage was also included in the project scope.