Binghamton City School District MacArthur Elementary School

New K-12 School

Industry: K-12 Schools

Services Provided: Climate Leadership

ACEC-NY Engineering Excellence: Platinum

Pathfinder provided enhanced energy modeling and NYSERDA Technical Assistance for New Construction for a new 120,000 sq. ft. school building serving grades pre-K – 5. The District set a goal to achieve Net Zero for the building, which includes classrooms, administrative offices, cafeteria, kitchen and gymnasium.

The modeled site EUI was 22 kBtu/sf/yr without PV and 10 kBtu/sf/yr including the 419 kW PV system. LEED modeling showed 82% energy savings (including a PV system) and 83% energy cost savings. The project should receive the maximum 19 points for EAc1 Optimized Energy Performance and 7 points for EAc2 On-Site Renewable Energy.