SUNY Delhi Farnsworth Hall


Industry: Higher Education

Services Provided: Climate Leadership, MEP Engineering

Pathfinder is providing mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection engineering and energy modeling for the total renovation of this 36,700 sq. ft. veterinary sciences building. Meeting SUCF’s Deep Energy Retrofit Directive energy goal for 50% EUI reduction over existing conditions requires a high-performance systems approach.

A hybrid ground source heat pump system (GSHP) serves as the heating and cooling supply for the spaces throughout the building. A well field of 140 bore holes 450’ deep provides an electrified HVAC approach using water-to-water GSHP for generating both heating hot water and chilled water.

New heating, cooling, ventilation, air exchange, automatic temperature control and energy management systems are being provided. Programs necessitate three air handling systems delivering dedicated outdoor air for veterinary science labs and boarding, surgical suites with energy recovery and classrooms, offices and common spaces with full energy recovery. A chilled beam induction system provides localized space conditioning and ventilation and minimizes fan energy.

The airflow systems for the animal boarding areas have requirements for high volumes of ventilation air that must be heated, cooled, dehumidified and humidified. The air handling systems use total energy recovery wheels to capture both sensible and latent heat. All chemical laboratory spaces and anatomy labs reduce energy consumption through demand-controlled exhaust equipment and fume hoods. Downdraft tables in anatomy and necropsy labs are provided. Animal boarding areas have in-cage ventilation. Wet lab and biosafety cabinets feature combination sash fume hoods. Labs are controlled with variable flow exhaust and supply valves for proper room pressurization and energy efficiency.

New plumbing systems provide domestic cold water, domestic hot water with recirculation, sanitary drainage and vent, storm water drainage piping systems, emergency eyewash/showers and compressed air and process vacuum systems.  Plumbing fixtures are ultra-low flow. A new cage wash and autoclave are provided for animal pen and material cleaning/sanitizing. Energy for the domestic hot water is provided through the GSHP system with supplemental heat for sanitizing high-temperature hot water provided by the central steam system and summer steam boiler. A new wet pipe sprinkler system serves the entire area of work.  

A new power distribution system with energy metering at the building and individual panelboard level is being provided. An 800kw diesel standby generator offers emergency backup for life safety and HVAC systems. Updates to fire alarm, security, IT and data systems are also provided. All LED lighting is provided throughout with daylight and occupancy controls.  The animal holding areas have tunable LED lighting to control light level and color spectrum.