Buffalo Workforce Training Center

NYSERDA Technical Assistance

Industry: State/Municipal

Services Provided: Climate Leadership

Pathfinder provided enhanced energy modeling and NYSERDA Technical Assistance for the Workforce Training Center in Buffalo, NY on behalf of the Buffalo Urban Development Corporation. The project consisted of gut renovation and repurposing of 115,000 sq. ft. at an existing manufacturing plant. Preliminary energy modeling results were provided to assist in HVAC system selection, provide guidance for energy code compliance, achieve net zero energy (ZNE) and for preliminary sizing of a solar PV array for ZNE. Energy modeling efforts continued through the end of design to facilitate energy savings calculations and NYSERDA performance-based incentives.

HVAC systems evaluated included a typical boiler/chiller system, all-electric ground source heat pump system, all-electric variable refrigerant flow (VRF) and a combined heat and power design. The all-electric VRF system was recommended for achieving ZNE, but the boiler/chiller option was selected for costs. ECMs recommended and pursued in the final design included variable speed pumping, efficient chilled water system, energy recovery and LED interior and exterior lighting fixtures.

  • ECMs estimated to save 264,000 kwh and 16.400 therms annually
  • Projected energy costs 24% less than code minimum design
  • $119,000 in available NYSERDA incentives