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SUNY Geneseo Sturges and Fraser Halls

Pathfinder is providing mechanical and plumbing engineering and energy modelling for the renovation of Sturges and Fraser Halls.  Program development has been completed and one of the primary objectives is to enrich academic and student life experiences at Sturges Quad with improved facilities for academic departments and student services.

Sturges Hall, a 43,250 sq. ft. historic building, is a total of four stories and features a clock tower that rises above most surrounding buildings. The 26,500 sq. ft. Fraser Hall is connected to Sturges Hall via a first floor bridge known as Fraser Arch; Fraser Hall is also attached to Wadsworth Auditorium and linked to South Hall.

Both Fraser and Sturges Halls are in need of major upgrades. Much of the building is unventilated, the heating system is original to the building and there is no central cooling. New systems will include dedicated, decoupled ventilation and conditioning systems with energy recovery.  Campus soil conditions are being evaluated to determine whether a ground coupled geothermal system is a viable heating/cooling system option. The space conditioning systems being designed need to take into consideration not only the functional program requirements of the spaces' usage, but the aesthetics of the renovated spaces as well as the historic nature of the buildings themselves. All visible system components will be selected so as to integrate seamlessly with the aesthetics of the spaces they serve. Plumbing upgrades will include water-efficient fixtures.

Construction of this $30 million renovation will occur in four phases to minimize multiple department moves during construction.

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