An Urban Refuge


A lovely, cool urban park refuge. Cornerstone Park in Downtown Rochester. Pathfinder provided plumbing and electrical engineering. Cornerstone Park is a 13,000 sq. ft. park located at the corner of Stone and Broad Streets, originally developed in 1977 to provide a passive green space for the enjoyment of the community.

Cornerstone Park includes a water feature and new plantings, retaining wall and lighting. Water cascades down a vertical wall and collects in a small trough at the bottom. Design includes replacement of the fountain structure, water service, plumbing, mechanical and electrical equipment, controls and drains. Systems include two redundant 5 HP 182 GPM pumps, two 250-gallon holding tanks, two cartridge filters and UV disinfection. All systems and controls are located in an adjacent building for ease of access and maintenance.

Click this link to view video of the water fall and lights. 20180710_075614.mp4