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SUNY Potsdam Timerman Hall Renovations

Pathfinder provided mechanical and plumbing engineering for the renovation of this 74,588 sq. ft. building. Laser scanning of the mechanical room, led to a Revit model for design. 

Retrofitting an existing mechanical room with new equipment can be challenging, especially when energy performance requirements dictate the use of energy recovery systems. To ensure new equipment will fit within the space, Pathfinder laser scanned the mechanical rooms and imported the point cloud into the Revit model. Utilizing Revit families for new duct, piping and equipment, an accurate model of the new mechanical room with new equipment was developed.

Air handlers serving the classrooms, laboratories and office areas are being replaced. The renovation design includes new energy saving technologies for the air handling and HVAC systems, including energy recovery wheels, demand controlled ventilation systems, airflow monitoring systems, variable speed drives, etc. Constant volume air systems will be upgraded to VAV, to maximize energy savings.

Central heating water, finned tube, and hydronic systems is being updated with new equipment and controls for precision control of heating and cooling systems. Metering will be added to central plant chilled water systems and steam systems serving Timerman Hall to allow the campus to monitor energy use within the building, in accordance with E088.

Laboratories are being renovated to provide services that more closely match their current use. Distilled water and acid waste piping were removed and replaced with standard drains and water service. Domestic water heating systems will be upgraded from “steam fired units” to high-efficiency gas fired water heaters.
Other major improvements include the addition of a building sprinkler system in the renovated work areas and upgrades to the existing restrooms for ADA compliance.

Lab hood control systems will be installed to ensure proper air balance in the building and maximize airside efficiency.

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