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SUNY Canton Dana Hall Renovation

Pathfinder is providing mechanical, plumbing and fire protection engineering and energy modeling for renovations, including repurposing the former pool area for the Campus Police, academic, surge and offices areas, as well as the Business Incubator.  Dana Hall was constructed in 1967 as an athletic facility. The pool was decommissioned in the late 1990s.

The renovation includes all new HVAC systems and zoning. The steam and heating water plants will be replaced with a high-performance air and hydronic system for better performance and control. Automatic temperature control and energy management systems (EMS) will improve thermal environment. All HVAC components will be capable of a complete override from the EMS.

Cooling will be provided by a central chiller plant with a chilled water circulating system serving chilled water cooling/dehumidification coils in air handling units. Chilled water will be provided by a high efficiency, air-cooled chiller. Heating will be provided by a central heating water plant with a heating water circulating system serving preheat coils in air handling units and reheat coils on VAV boxes. Heating water will be generated by high-efficiency condensing boilers.  The gymnasium will be served by a number of heating and ventilating air handling units.

The existing water service will be upgraded for the new domestic water. Fire protection will be provided by a wet sprinkler system.

New plumbing systems include domestic cold water, domestic hot water with recirculation, sanitary drainage and vent, storm water drainage, natural gas and fire suppression. Plumbing fixtures, including toilet room fixtures, water coolers and showers, will be water-conserving and high efficiency. 


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